About the Library Proposition

This Election Day, Tuesday, November 7, residents will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum to build a new library to serve the needs of Henrietta for generations to come. To see what this building would look like, click here.

New Building Proposal

  • A new two-floor, 36,000 sq. ft. building.
  • Proposed location is east of the Recreation Center on 2.8 acres of land that will be donated if the referendum passes.
  • Expanded space for most heavily-used and highly-valued functions.
    • Books and other collections.
    • Services for families, children, and teens.
    • Spaces for people to work quietly and in groups.
  • More accessible facilities for everyone.
  • Drive-up book drop.
  • Annual estimated cost per household is $18-22 per $100,000 assessed value (based on 3.5-5% interest rate).
    • Cost will be no more than $12.5 million.
    • The Town is asking to bond $10 million.
    • The remaining $2.5 million will be paid for by a combination of funding from the general fund, fund balance, grants, donations, and other unanticipated revenues.
    • The Friends and Foundation of the Henrietta Public Library will be leading fundraising efforts.
  • Current library building will become the new home of the Town Court, building our Town Center per the Town’s Master Plan (2011 Strategic Update).

Our Library Today

  • Built in 1978.
  • 18,500 square feet.
  • 22,000 residents have library cards.
  • 18,000 people visit every month.
  • 1,200 items (mostly books) checked out every day.
  • 2,100 people attend programs monthly, almost triple four years ago.
  • 16 public computers in regular use
  • Cost to renovate and expand current building over $10 million..